Highlights include:

  1. Have you checked out the new OFAC compliance program? If not see Mike Volkov’s 5-part series on Corruption, Crime and Compliance. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) For those who prefer the podcast format, you can list to his podcast on the topic here.
  2. Hui Chen and Pam Davis weigh in on the 2019 DOF FCPA Guidance. In Bloomberg.
  3. Noose tighten around Credit Suisse and Privinvest in Mozambique tuna boat scandal? Rick Messick explores in Global Anti-Corruption
  4. What are the compliance lessons from a messy and very public food fight? Matt Kelly explores in two postings on Radical Compliance. (hereand here)
  5. How does scape-goating come into play in cross-border anti-corruption enforcement? Laurent Cohen-Tanugi discusses on NYU’s Compliance and Enforcement Blog.
  6. Jay continues his exploration of using a monitor, in his Corporate Compliance Insights
  7. What do dawn raids have in common with fires (at least in the UK)? Barry Vitou explores on com.
  8. Is Equifax about to settle for its massive data breach? Jon Rusch explores on Dipping Through Geometries.
  9. Why should compliance training start with a smile? Ronnie Feldman explains on Corporate Compliance Insights.
  10. What are the compliance lessons for hospitality around major sporting events? Tom explores in a white paper on Corporate Compliance Insights.
  11. This week Tom had a special 5-part podcast series sponsored by Assent Compliance on the issue of maintaining market access. Check out the following: Part 1-Introduction to Market Access; Part 2-Trade Compliance; Part 3– Continuous Monitoring; Part 4-FARs and flow downs; Part 5-Chemical and Product Compliance. The podcast is available on multiple sites: the FCPA Compliance Report, iTunes, JDSupra, Megaphone,YouTube,  Spotifyand Corporate Compliance Insights. The Compliance Podcast Network
  12. Join Tom in Boston for industry leading Compliance Master Class at the offices on AMI on June 11 & 12. Listeners who attend will receive a complimentary copy of The Compliance Handbook. Registration and Information is here. Join Tom, Eric Feldman, Vin DiCianni and Jay at the AMI Roundtable in Boston on June 13 for a deep dive into the DOJ’s new Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs-2019 Guidance. Information and registration is here.

Tom Fox is the Compliance Evangelist and can be reached at tfox@tfoxlaw.com. Jay Rosen is       Mr. Monitor and can be reached at jrosen@affiliatedmonitors.com.For more information on how an independent monitor can help improve your company’s ethics and compliance program, visit our sponsor Affiliated Monitors at www.affiliatedmonitors.com.