The Astros hit a home run on the last minute of the trading deadline by obtaining Zack Greinke and Jay asks just how insufferable Tom will be until the Astros win the World Series again (Hint: Very). While Tom gloats, he and Jay turn their collective eyes to some of this week’s top compliance and ethics stories.
  1. Third parties are still the highest FCPA risk. So why are you still using them? Alexandra Gillies explores.
  2. How to manage high-risk distributors? Mike Volkov with a 2 part series.
  3. What is conspicuous integrity in the corporate setting? Shirin Ahlhauser explains.
  4. What is cognitive governance? James Bone begins a 5-part series.
  5. What is present responsibility and how does it related to debarment? Jay explains.
  6. What are the disclosure and notification requirements when managing a crisis? Lawyers from Cleary Gottlieb explain.
  7. Wonder if ethics and compliance still matter? Four Wachtel Lippon lawyers explain.
  8. Why do you need social media compliance as part of your ethics and compliance program. John Horowitz tells us in Navex Global’s Ethics and Compliance Matter
  9. Why the identification of high risk employees is critical. Jeff Kaplan explains.
  10. Comings and goings in the DOJ Fraud Section. Dylan Tokar reports.
  11. Our colleague Doug Cornelis participates in the annual 2-day, 192 mile Pan-Mass Bike Challenge which raises money for the fight against cancer. I hope you will join my again in supporting Doug by donating to PMC. Information on Doug’s ride, why he rides and donation button are all found here.
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