In an international podcast, Tom rings in from São Paulo Brazil where he has been speaking and training to hear Jay mourn the Patriots first loss of the seaon. They then reflect on some other of this week’s top compliance and ethics stories which caught their collective eyes.

  1. The Hoskins trial goes to the jury. Dylan Tokar reports in WSJ. Clara Hudson on GIR-closing arguments (sub req’d).
  2. What are the implications from the Unaoil guility pleas? Tom takes deep dive the entire week on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog, Part 1-Unaoil Settlement Day Coming? Part 2-Are You on the List? Part 3-the Corruption Schemes. Part 4-the Fraudulently Obtained Certifications. Part 5-what does it all mean going forward? Mike Volkov provides his always insightful former DOJ prosecutor perspective in Corruption, Crime and Compliance.
  3. Will the Supreme Court do away with profit disgorgement? Sullivan & Cromwell lawyers opine in NYU’s Compliance and Enforcement Adam Dorbrik reports on GIR. (sub req’d)
  4. CCI starts a great new section, New Voices focusing on the young Compliance Professional. The first piece is by Margarita Derelanko on Confessions of a New Mom and Compliance Professional.
  5. Management repution risk does not have a start or end date. Jonathan Marks explains in Board and Fraud.
  6. More fallout from the Connelly Frederick Davis in NYU’s Compliance and Enforcement Journal.
  7. Planning a post acquisition integration. Jay explores in his continuing series on CCI.
  8. Spain brings a corruption prosecution. Jonathan Rusch in Dipping Through Geometries.
  9. New DOJ taskforce on procurement fraud. Matt Kelly delivers sharp thinking in Radical Compliance.
  10. What about the other FCPA trial going on? Matt Bernardi reports in Law360.
  11. Tom and Ronnie Feldman celebrated Corporate Compliance and Ethics week with a 5-pasrt series of podcasts on creative things you can do to communicate compliance; all on their Creativity and Compliance Podcast on the CPN. Check out the following lineup: Monday-the Petting Zoo; Tuesday-Talk Shows; Wednesday-Contests and Games; Thursday-Keynotes and Speakers; Friday –Going Forward.

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