Tom Brady cements his position as the GOAT of All Time with his Super Bowl win. Jay bemoans Tompa Bay using ‘his quarterback’ to win the Super Bowl. They are also back to look at some of the top compliance articles and stories which caught their eye this week.

  1. What is the state of the CCO in 2021? Mike Volkov takes a deep dive on the Crime Corruption and Compliance. Part 1-Looking Back and Looking Forward, Part 2-Troubling Trends, Part 3-a Coming Storm?
  2. What is the intersection of compliance, culture and covid? Calvin London explores in CCI.
  3. What comes next for ABC enforcement in Brazil? Sean Hecker, Marshall Miller, and Ana Frischtak in NYU’s Compliance and Enforcement
  4. 4 steps to building out a business continuity plan. Matt Kelly in Navex Global’s Risk and Compliance Matters.
  5. SEC reverts and allows more to do investigations. Aaron Nicodemus in Compliance Week. (sub req’d)
  6. Wirecard red flags missed. Dylan Tokar interviews former Wirecard CCO/CEO in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  7. Retrieving WhatsApp messaging for an internal investigation. Andrew Reeves and David Harris asks in the FCPA Blog.
  8. The virtual Boardroom. Andrew Lepczyk and Barton Edgerton on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Goverance.
  9. On The Compliance Life, Natalia Shehadeh, CCO at ABB joins me this month. In the first episode, Natalia explained why she choose the compliance profession. Check out the Episode 1. In Episode 2, Natalia talks about her professional jouney to the CCO chair, from Capitol Hill to Big Law to corporations.
  10. New podcasts out on the Compliance Podcast Network this month. In ComTech, Valerie Charles joins Tom for an exploration of the intersection of compliance and technology. Episode 2 posted Monday, February 8 and featured Parth Chanda, the Skywalker of Compliance. In Big Brains in Compliance Tom is joined by Stephen Martin to visit with some of the top thinkers and doers in compliance. It premiers February 22. Finally Tom premiers a new video podcast (PodTube) on YouTube. The Compliance Handbook, a podcast on the nuts and bolts of compliance. In Episode 1, he is joined by Stephen Martin to talk about how to best think through a comprehensive compliance program.
  11. A new AMI podcast is out, Integrity Through Compliance. It will have AMI’s expert observations and guidance in the fields of ethics, antitrust, healthcare, government contracting, corporate governance, cybersecurity, construction, telecommunications, consumer protection and more. In the Episode 1, AMI founder Vin DiCianni visits with AMI MD Jerry Coyne the future of telehealth & home healthcare during a pandemic and beyond.
  12. On Thursday, February 25, join the “Ask an Expert FINQuiry” webinar on DOLFIN: K2 Integrity’s financial crimes compliance experts will respond to your AML/CFT, sanctions, and other financial-integrity-related questions. Information and Registration here.
  13. Compliance Week is accepting nominations for its Excellence in Compliance Award. Submit your nominee here.
  14. Join the Baker Tilly Fraud 1st Annual Fraud and Compliance Summit, Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021, to Thursday, Feb 25, 2021. Details and registration here.
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  16. Tom announces his latest book, The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition is available for presale purchase. Use Use the code FOX25 and go hereThe Compliance Handbook 2ndedition will be available in both print and eBook editions.

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