Thinkeen Legal is not your typical law firm, and on this week’s episode of ComTech, Valerie Charles and Tom Fox are talking to founder Christian Perez Font about exactly why that is, and what makes the firm so unique in the industry.

Christian started his career in more traditional, transactional law, but found compliance practices to be uniquely interesting and satisfying, so he built a law practice to provide businesses with the type of information they need to confidently make decisions. He says that Thinkeen Legal “[doesn’t] provide legal advice, we provide business advice with legal confidence.”

Understanding the Data Lifecycle

Valerie points out that it’s great when you can buy data off the shelf – it’s cheaper than creating your own, and is reliable – but there are always going to be situations where industry and company-specific situations mean you need to generate your own. Whether you source data externally or internally, you need to understand what data is and what it means to make good business decisions based on it.

Critical to this process is understanding the lifecycle of data – where it resides in an organization and the different systems it goes through. Data analysis is an evolution and Tom believes that companies should be looking at finding and extracting the data as a business process. Christian points out that the first, most foundational thing you need to do is understand what data is, and what data you need to inform your business decisions and compliance programs.

Looking Towards the Future

Valerie asks what companies need to begin thinking about to prepare for 2025 and beyond, and Christian shares what he thinks: that we need to understand data better – the lifecycle, where it resides, extracting and applying it, and investing in the resources that will be required to do all of it. Further, he believes that compliance teams are going to need to be truly cross-functional to be effective. This isn’t restricted to just compliance but applies to the whole business sector. More teamwork is needed.



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