Welcome to this special five-part podcast series with Jay Rosen, VP of Business Development for Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (AMI), who is the sponsor of this podcast series. Corporate culture exists in the space between what an organization professes and what it does. It is important to pay attention to corporate culture as disconnects in this reality can be quite costly. Yet what factors influence corporate culture. In this series Jay and I will be exploring key aspects of corporate culture, including why it matters, what influences culture, the CCOs role in culture, assessing corporate culture and how to use that information to improve culture. In this Part II, we consider what can influence an organization’s ethical culture, starting at the top with senior leadership. We consider such questions as whether your senior leaders practice what they preach as employees can spot a disconnect from a mile away.

 Highlights include:

  • A company does not have an ethical culture unless top management commits to it.
  • Equally important is a sense of organizational justice and fairness.
  • One of the key elements of effective leadership is listening and that also applies to a company’s culture.
  • Do senior leadership give their people the opportunity to be heard?
  • Do senior leaders get out of the ivory tower, go out into the field and meet with employees?
  • Are there town halls or other types of group interactions?
  • Do the employees see whether their leaders are living those kinds of values?
  • It is crucial for perception to equal reality.
  • The bottom line is there must be alignment between what top management says and the company’s core values – between what the organization says and what it does.

Please join us for Episode 3, where we explore the role of a Chief Compliance Officer in strengthening the ethical culture of the organization.

For more information see Jay’s blog post What Factors Influence a Company’s Ethical Culture? on Corporate Compliance Insights.

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