Welcome to this special five-part podcast series with Jay Rosen, VP of Business Development for Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (AMI), who is the sponsor of this podcast series. Corporate culture exists in the space between what an organization professes and what it does. In this series Jay and I will be exploring key aspects of corporate culture, including why it matters, what influences culture, the CCOs role in culture, assessing corporate culture and how to use that information to improve culture. In this concluding Part V, we consider how an ethical culture is a part of an overall ethics and compliance assessment. 

Highlights include:

  • Begin with framework for such an assessment, usually the compliance program itself.
  • Is your training both focused and effective?
  • Is there institutional fairness in your promotion and compensation programs?
  • Is there institutional justice around reporting, discipline and investigations?
  • Is your compliance program a paper program or is it fully operationalized?
  • Is there accountability in your organization?

For more information see Jay’s blog post How is ethical culture a part of an overall ethics and compliance assessment? on Corporate Compliance Insights.

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