Richard Lummis and Tom Fox conclude a two-part series on leadership lessons from Woodrow Wilson. In this Part 2, we look at lessons from Wilson’s two terms as President, his illness and short post-Presidential life and early death. Highlights of this podcast include:

A.    New Freedom Agenda

1.     Tariff and Tax

2.     Federal Reserve

3.     Anti-Trust Legislation

4.     Labor and Agriculture

5.     Immigration (here we go again)

6.     Judicial Appointments

B.    Race relations and Wilson’s attempts at Segregation

C.     Foreign Policy-how did he “keep us out of war”

  1. Re-Election in 1916
  2. Move towards and declaration of War
  3. D. Miscalculation by Germany and Wilson Response
  4. 14 Points
  5. The Peace Conference
  6. Ratification debate and Incapacity
  7. Death
  8. Leadership lessons


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