A journeyman tennis player who plays for the first time in the U.S. Open prays the darndest not to be pitted against Roger Federer. In this funny tale, the character shares, “Can you blame me? It’s like he’s the illegitimate Swiss son of James Bond, Cary Grant, and Bjorn Borg.” Our exasperated tennis player thinks his own mother will root for Federer against him!

Join the fun in this new episode of F*CKING ARGENTINA with Tom Fox and Gregg Greenberg. #AJourneyTennisPlayer’sPrayer


F*cking Argentina and 10 More Tales of Exasperation by Gregg Greenberg is a compilation of short stories that dive into the American phenomenon of being in a near-perpetual state of aggravation. Greenberg’s anthology brings together eleven original pieces of work, each with their own slice of independent and distinct plot lines but all converging on the universal theme of exasperation. They run the whole gamut of scenarios, from the titular story “F*cking Argentina” wherein the country is once again in bankruptcy and a polite game of tug o’ war plays out on a porch, to “A Journeyman Tennis Player’s Prayer” with a low ranking U.S. Open contender begging God for a comparable opponent. Both stories end with the superlative f-word, which showcases at some point in other stories, and a guaranteed chuckle from their readers. Buy the book here: http://fckingargentina.com/.


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