From Vaudeville to the Silver Screen to the Small Screen, the Marx Brothers made an impact wherever people found them. Now Tom Fox and Mike Volkov have wedded their love of the Marx Brothers with their passion for compliance and bring them into the boardroom to help explain and explore the sometimes-chaotic world of governance, risk-management, ethics and compliance. In this episode they begin a three-part series where they discuss the movie A Night at the Opera and how it informs the 2019 in Compliance, FCPA enforcement actions and Compliance into 2020 and beyond.  In this episode we put on our prognosticator’s turbans and looked into the veiled land of 2020 and beyond in compliance. Highlights from the podcast include:

1.     Why data will become more important in compliance?

2.     You have an ABC compliance program. What about Anti-Trust and Trade Compliance?

3.     How do the OFAC Compliance Framework and Anti-Trust Division Guidance inform ABC compliance?

4.     Where will compliance convergence go in 2020?

5.     Will 2020 be the year of the ‘Ethical Edge’?

6.     What will happen to FCPA enforcement numbers in 2020? What about individual prosecutions.


Mike Volkov-FCPA Predictions for 2020

Tom FoxCompliance Insights for 2020 and Beyond

Marx Brothers-The Sanity Clause SceneYouTube